Saturday, March 26, 2011

Religious Medals Have Meaning

What do you think of when you think of medals? It is possible, even probable, that most people think of Olympic medals when they think of them at all. This is because many people watch sports and they root for their favorite athletes to win a gold, a silver, or a bronze medal. These medals are great and meaningful. In addition to Olympic medals, there are other medals that are just as meaningful. These medals are called devotional or religious medals. Did you know that non-religious medals are called secular medals? Devotional medals are usually associated with Christianity.

Religious Medals

Did you know that religious medals are more varied than secular medals? This is because they are not only created to celebrate people, such as the Blessed Virgin and Saints; they are also created to celebrate past historical events, such as miracles. Religious medals also are made to commemorate personal graces such as First Communion and Ordination. Devotional medals are used for more than we know. They are also used for recalling the mystery of the Roman Catholic faith. They are also specially blessed to serve as badges of pious associations and to protect the wearer from harm. It also seems as if these types of medals are rich and creamy. This is because they are often enriched with indulgences.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saint Medallions

Saint Medallions are often a large part of Christian jewelry that is offered in modern times. In particular, Catholics seem to favor this medallion necklace along with crucifixes and rosaries to wear to ceremonies, church, or for every day wear. Saint medallions can look somewhat different from one jewelry maker to another, but essentially they all look the same in appearance.

Saint Christopher Medal

A saint medallion, as they tend to be worn, is typically a necklace but can be other forms of jewelry as well. It is possible to find earrings and bracelets made out of this familiar religious symbol. Sometimes the material from which the medallion is made varies — sterling silver and white gold are the usual materials, but sometimes yellow gold is offered or other materials like titanium and nickel. The appearance of a saint medallion from maker to maker can vary but is essentially the same icon—a saint in the middle, sometimes with a child and sometimes alone.

There is a variety of saints featured in jewelry, but all are religious figures. About any religious saint can be found on a saint medallion piece, but some are more common and easier to find than others. Some more common medallion pieces feature Saint Joseph with a child, others feature Saint Michael, Saint Natalie, Saint Luke, Fatima, or a Madonna. Each of these saints have their own story, and the wearer may prefer one saint over another as they select jewelry. Some prefer to collect saint medallion jewelry because of the various forms out there, and the wide range of saints available. Others may choose to wear one particular saint only.