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DaySpring Cards was born in a small commercial print shop in Covina, California, in 1971. The company was founded by four Christian men - Dean Kerns, Don Leetch, Russ Flint, and Roy Lessin. These men started DaySpring with a common vision, to make Christ known through the printed message.
Christian Gifts The first greeting Card was created in the winter of that year. It was a Christmas card with a very simple but direct message. The cover of the card showed a man sitting near a Christmas tree after the gifts had been opened. There was a look of despair on his face. The cover read, "When you get right down to it..."; and the inside of the card read,"...the only thing that really matters is Jesus."
beautifully decorated keepsake box One mother's journey of pain and beauty inspired the creation of meaningful, heartfelt jewelry. This beautiful, handcrafted cross pendant necklace is a precious reminder that  we can find faith and hope at the foot of the cross!  A beautiful way of expressing your faith through jewelry.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Best Gifts - Religious Jewelry at Patron Saint Medallions

Wearing patron saint medallions are a great way to show your devotion to God and to receive the blessings that the patron saint has to offer. They also make a great gift to the people in your life who could use a little extra protection as they are going about their day to day life. These medallions are available for a wide range of saints and you can generally find one for any occupation, nation, craft, or other demographic that you can think of. Though they are not expensive, the cost of purchasing the medals can get high if you are buying them for a lot of people.
Best Gifts Catholics love their patron saints and for good reason. They are the sworn protectors of their particular demographic and advocate or intercede on their behalf for blessing and grace from god. However, there are a few saints that are more popular than others for a variety of reasons and they are the most common gold patron saint medals that you will come across. If you are just starting out as a collector of medallions, want to buy one as a gift for someone you love, or are trying to figure out which one you should buy for yourself, here is a list of some of the most popular saints.

Religious Jewelry By and large, Saint Christopher is like the celebrity of saints. Everyone knows who he is and you would be hard pressed to find a retailer who did not have silver or gold patron saint medals in his image. He is the patron saint of travelers but, interestingly, not a lot is known about him. There are a number of legends about him though. One has him helping a child across a river. When he put the child on his shoulder, he couldn’t believe how much the kid weighed. Later, he found that child he helped was Jesus who was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

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The Religious Jewelry Collection is all from the hand and heart of Jewelry Designers and showcases some the finest jewelry designers in the jewelry market. And through the Celebrate Your Faith Religious Jewelry Collection we bring them to you.
religious jewelry The necklace and pendant collection contains simple or jeweled Christian jewelry, angel necklaces, and religious necklaces and pendants. Christian charm bracelets are subtle pieces of scripture jewelry religous symbols. The collection of rosaries contains modern as well as traditional rosaries.
jewelry for kids A wonderful selection of Christian lockets that holds a reminder of a beloved one. Crosses, angels, hearts, and other religious symbols are presented in the brooch and pin collection. The Christian Jewelry collection aslo contains, crucifixes, earrings, rings, children's jewelry, and men's jewelry.

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TraxNYC is a living breathing website. Our merchandise is updated on a daily basis and our jewelry is at the frontier of what the diamond industry has to offer. See us in action as we try to educate the consumer about making an inteligent jewelry purchase.
Men's Gold Crosses at Feast your eyes on some of the finest mens jewelry in our collection! These featured pieces are in hot demand, exhibiting some of the highest quality diamonds and the most intricate designs you will ever see.
Great Valentine's Day gifts for Him We only provide you with the best diamond jewelry here at TraxNYC, so start your collection today with an unforgettable piece from our Mens Jewelry Featured Selection. Customer Service and the TraxNYC Scam Protection system guaranteed fast delivery and authentic appraisal with every purchase.

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Religious jewelry is beautiful when it is worn to inspire as well as a reminder of one's faith in their God and recognition of one's religious beliefs. Be proud to display your faith with your jewelry. Fine religious jewelry is a precious gift from the heart!
Religious JewelryUnique religious jewelry is making a statement and a comeback among people of various religions. It comes in many forms, from rings to bracelets, to necklaces and earrings and tie pins and special medallions for both men and women. Symbols, phrases, and religious imagery are all possibilities as are different metals and jewels as people seek expression of their religious views in unique religious jewelry and ways they have not done so before.
Religious Christmas Gifts The belief in guardian angels can be traced back as far as the 5th Century, A.D. Even ancient Greeks believed that angels and tutelary spirits served to protect the person to whom they were assigned. Guardian angels are believed to be an individual’s divine representative. Own for yourself a beautiful, graceful reminder that your guardian angel is watching over you, protecting you and your loved ones, with one of our angel pendants.

Whether you prefer large or small, yellow gold, white gold, or silver, luxurious or economical, we have a huge selection of angel jewelry to fit any taste and budget. Feel your guardian angel inspire your soul, warm your heart, and fill you with love and divine peace. Choose from lockets, medals, pendants, or charms, in 14k gold or sterling silver and you too can have your own physical representation and reminder of the angel watching over you.

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Cornerstone Jewelry is excited to offer an extensive line of Christian jewelry. Our collection is comprised of our own original designs as well as products from other talented designers such as Bob Siemon, Deobrah Birdoes, and more.
Christian Jewelry from We have styles in sterling silver, stainless steel, titanium and 14 karat gold. We believe in providing beautiful and meaningful Christian jewelry, in a wide variety of styles and prices. We are continually searching for new styles in Christian jewelry, watching the latest trends, but still carrying the timeless treasure like cross necklaces.
Christian Gifts If you’re looking for Christian jewelry for a meaningful gift, we recommend viewing the designs by Debora Birdoes. God has gifted her with the talents of both jewelry designer and poem writer. We carry some of her most popular items, sure to make great gifts. She has designed classic pieces like the Ten Commandments Bracelet to more personal items like what you’ll find in her “Keeper” collection. We carry designs from both her “Sentimental Expressions” and “Inspirational Blessings” collections.
Christian Gifts - Christian Jewelry Another designer we feature is Bob Siemon Designs. All of his designs are crafted in the USA of high quality metals. Bob Seimon has been a leader in Christian jewelry for years, and we are excited to partner with them to bring you new styles. This Christian jewelry line is in stock, with fast shipping.

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Things Remembered began over 40 years ago as a small engraving and services shop called "Can Do". And today, Things Remembered has grown into the nation's leading, and most successful, retailer of personalized gifts. We're proud of our longevity in the retail business and we are committed to continue to offer beautiful, unique, quality, personalized gifts to our customers.
Religious Jewelry for Women
Today's Things Remembered customers can browse through our collection of gifts that goes far beyond expectations. Plus, we'll engrave gifts purchased elsewhere! No matter what the gift or where you purchased it, we can engrave the item for that extra, personal touch. Simply bring your item to any of our 600 nationwide mall locations and one of our experts will carefully engrave it.
Religious Jewelry
Things Remembered offers three ways to shop. Whether you're shopping online or in one of our 600 stores across the country, Things Remembered customers receive excellent personal attention and service from over 5,000 of the friendliest, most accommodating teammates in the retail world. And customers can place orders directly through our Customer Service call center in North Jackson, Ohio and they'll be treated to equally attentive service.