Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mens Diamond Crosses at

Mens Diamond Crosses are an emblematic example of what jewelry and hip hop is all about. They carry a meaning and a significance that you will rarely get with any other piece, no matter how expensive or iced out it may be.

Mens Diamond Crosses at

We have so many pieces to choose from - check out the Tri Color Empire Cross which blends a modern hip hop jewelry style with the classic Mens Diamond Cross design for an example. Crosses are one of our most popular pendant styles, you can see that by virtue of the sheer volume of pieces we have in stock.

Mens Diamond Crosses

Of course there is an intimate connection between Mens Diamond Crosses and hip hop - any rapper worth their salt will have one around their neck more often than not. But diamond crosses are truly for everyone. After all, the cross has been a powerful symbol for 2000 years now, so it doesn't have to prove its popularity to anyone.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Religious Jewelry at

The Funky Jewellery Company specialise is supplying Jewellery via the Internet and mail order, established in 2003 the company has 8 different websites each specialising in a different range of jewellery. Funky Jewellery offer Silver Jewellery, Titanium Jewellery, Celtic Jewellery, Children's Jewellery and Mackintosh Jewellery.

We are a family run company who for many years have specialised in the supply of jewellery via the internet and mail order. As a family we feel blessed to have been introduced to an inspirational church that both ourselves and our children enjoy.

Religious Jewelry at

Having been asked regularly by members of our church for jewellery that expresses their faith we decided to create a website to show our collection of Christian Jewellery. We took some jewellery from our existing collections and also commissioned new pieces for the website, with new items being added regularly.

Religious Jewelry

We believe the Bible clearly teaches us the principle of tithing and giving, so a tenth of all sales go to prosper the work and ministry of our local church. We are also currently developing a program to enable your local church or Christian organisation to financially benefit from sales on this website. If you are interested please contact us and we will send you more information when the program is live.

Saturday, February 4, 2012 - Religious Jewelry Gift for Valentine's Day

Christian Bookstore located in the heart of Jerusalem - we are your connection to the land of Israel. Being the fastest growing shop and source of unique Christian Gifts and breaking News from Jerusalem, we are always looking for ways to improve this service.  - Religious  Jewelry Gift
While we provide many Christian gifts that cannot be found anywhere else to thousands of loyal Christian supporters of Israel who shop with us, your input is always welcome.  - Religious  Jewelry Gift  for Valentine's Day
We encourage you to contact us with any suggestions you have that would help us serve you better. Maybe you are looking to shop for particular gifts from the Holy Land but do not see it on our site - just let us know what you are looking for and we shall endeavor to locate it.

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