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Best Gifts - Religious Jewelry at Patron Saint Medallions

Wearing patron saint medallions are a great way to show your devotion to God and to receive the blessings that the patron saint has to offer. They also make a great gift to the people in your life who could use a little extra protection as they are going about their day to day life. These medallions are available for a wide range of saints and you can generally find one for any occupation, nation, craft, or other demographic that you can think of. Though they are not expensive, the cost of purchasing the medals can get high if you are buying them for a lot of people.
Best Gifts Catholics love their patron saints and for good reason. They are the sworn protectors of their particular demographic and advocate or intercede on their behalf for blessing and grace from god. However, there are a few saints that are more popular than others for a variety of reasons and they are the most common gold patron saint medals that you will come across. If you are just starting out as a collector of medallions, want to buy one as a gift for someone you love, or are trying to figure out which one you should buy for yourself, here is a list of some of the most popular saints.

Religious Jewelry By and large, Saint Christopher is like the celebrity of saints. Everyone knows who he is and you would be hard pressed to find a retailer who did not have silver or gold patron saint medals in his image. He is the patron saint of travelers but, interestingly, not a lot is known about him. There are a number of legends about him though. One has him helping a child across a river. When he put the child on his shoulder, he couldn’t believe how much the kid weighed. Later, he found that child he helped was Jesus who was carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Saint Mary Magdalene is another popular saint whom you will find many gold patron saint medals with her image on them. She is the patron saint of a big list of occupations and afflictions including converts, hairdressers, and penitent sinners. She is famous for a number of things including cleaning Jesus’ feet with her tears and hair and anointing them with perfume as well as being the first person Jesus showed himself to after he arose from the dead.
Jewelry at Patron Saint Medallions
Saint Jude Thaddeus was an apostle of Jesus and is considered the patron saint of desperate cases. In addition to having gold patron saint medals made in his likeness, there is also a children’s research hospital named after him dedicated to treating kids with pediatric cancer and other life threatening diseases. Catholics invoke his name in desperate cases because of a letter he wrote for the New Testament that states those with faith will persevere even while in the midst of cruel circumstances. He’s another saint which not much is known about him. However, his feast day is celebrated on October 28.

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