Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gift for Christmas - Religious Jewelry

Patron saint medallions increase in value as they age. Collectors can go to online auction sites to find and purchase antique medals at reasonable prices. People sell them on these types of sites because they can usually get more money for them than if they try to sell them in a regular store.

Religious Jewelry gift for Christmas

Therefore, it is important that when you are submitting bids for antique medals that you do your research and only bid as much as you are willing to pay. You don’t want to accidentally overspend no matter how much you may want that medallion.

You can also purchase the medallions in bulk. If you belong to church or otherwise need to get a large quantity of patron saint medallions, then you can contact a wholesaler who will sell you the medals in bulk at low prices.

Gift for Christmas - Religious Jewelry

Most require you to be a business or church of some type in order to buy from because of the tax laws. So you may not have much luck if you are an individual. But if you do fall into a qualifying category, take advantage of this avenue to save money on your medallions. Catholics love their patron saints and for good reason. They are the sworn protectors of their particular demographic and advocate or intercede on their behalf for blessing and grace from god.

However, there are a few saints that are more popular than others for a variety of reasons and they are the most common gold patron saint medals that you will come across.

If you are just starting out as a collector of medallions, want to buy one as a gift for someone you love, or are trying to figure out which one you should buy for yourself, here is a list of some of the most popular saints.

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